My newest book, a paranormal mystery called Waking Terror, is now available in Print, eBook and Audio formats!


A nightmare haunts the Albuquerque suburbs.

PI Jack Mahler thought he finally had an easy assignment, a routine life insurance claim investigation. He was looking forward to having the afternoon off to go hiking with his dogs, but the widowed husband acts like he has something to hide, and Jack witnesses a surreal apparition feeding on the dead wife’s ghost. When the voiceless entity follows Jack home and a rogue policeman threatens to frame him for murder, this easy case gets personal. To solve this mystery, Jack must seek answers in his own shameful past, risking life and sanity to discover the secret of the waking terror before his dream of a normal life turns to smoke.

Why can't anything be simple?

The Audio Book version of Key Seekers and Secular City Limits are now available on Audible!!!
FREE AUDIO KIDS BOOK Have the author read the Lonely Princess with you any time! A perfect companion to the print or new Kindle versions



An action-packed introduction to the worlds of The Brute and Valora. In this self-contained origin story, you will find out how the Necromancer made his way into the modern-day world of The Brute: Chasing shadows, and discover what really happened to the Gatekeeper between chapters 21 and 46 of Valora.

(Ages 11 and up)

168 full-color illustrated pages

After the events in Temple of Secrets, Bruce travels the globe in search of his lost humanity. He discovers a shadowy world of magic exists all around us. Bruce battles strange monsters and becomes a pawn in a war between wizards from another world...
Harmony Unbound
(Ages 8 and up)

In this graphic novel, timid teen Victoria (Vicky) Bond survives middle school by keeping her head down and trying not to get noticed. Her quiet life changes forever when she is bound to an exuberant super heroine. They must learn to work together in time to save their small town from a twisted robot with unique motivations of its own.
Temple of Secrets
(Ages 11 and up)

A graphic novel by
Matthew Barron
Joel Cotejar

SOMETHING has emerged from a collapsed temple in Guatemala and crept across the U.S. to INDIANAPOLIS. People are DYING,and only reporter RENE GOLD seems to have any clue WHO or WHAT is doing the killing.
(Ages 11 and up)

Aret's fairy tale life is twisted into a nightmare. His quest for vengeance puts everything and everyone he cares about in danger.
The Lonely Princess
(All Ages)

A children's picture book with charming illustrations by Charles Gratner
Princess Rhonda had everything a girl could want in her castle, but she was all alone. Will she ever find a friend?
The dystopian
Secular City Limits

"...a talented new voice in fiction... part speculative fiction, part social commentary."
--swampdweller press
Helena takes her son and a teenage friend across the new America to New Secular City, where they hope to find schools, good jobs, and tolerance, but it may not be what any of them expected.

Mattthew Barron's story "Killing Time" is featured in the April 2017 issue of Outposts of Beyond. Killing Time is a hard sci-fi thriller with a touch of horror and a twist at the end. A student's friends die of apparent natural causes while she is stalked by a spectral man in a suit.
Matthew Barron's Iron Writer Challenge winning story Mastodon Mystery is in their brand new 2016 Ironology anthology
Matthew Barron's short story Hell Island is in the Ill-considered Expeditions anthology from April Moon Books
Matthew's story Yao's World is available for free on anthology from April Moon Books
His short story LOVE BOT LB65244 is in ROBOTEROTICA an anthology of robot erotica (not for those offended by graphic portrayals of sex with robots).
He also has two short comics in Welcome to Indiana, an anthology of comics by Indiana creators,
and his short, Waiting for Mourning, was in issue # nine of the online magazine House of Horror

Submatter Press wrapped up its first play as part of the 2015 Indianpolis Fringe Festival
Matthew Barron Reads part of his story, "The Longest Night," From the Gifts of the Magi anthology
In 2014 Matthew Barron was interviewed by Johnny and Brendan on the Brother Brother Beercast!
In 2013 author Matthew Barron was interviewed by Scott Lefebvre on YOU ARE ENTITLED TO MY OPINION
Matthew also did an experiment in film-making in 2007's THE KING OF INDIANA



Saturday February 22nd from Noon to 5 pm, Author Matthew Barron signed books at Comic Carnival
The Evolution of Sci-Fi Fandom panel, a Spirit and Place event about greater diversity in fandom and media, November 10th 2-3:30 pm at Center For Inquiry Indiana. Sponsored by Starbase Indy, Gal's Guide to the Galaxy and Indiana Youth Group
Phantom of Fountain Square, a new musical by Matthew Barron and Amy Dolphin premiered as part of the Indianapolis Fringe FestivalAugust AUGUST 15-25, 2019
Matthew will be meeting people and signing books at the Indiana Comic Convention August 30th to September 1st.
Retelling Myths Group Flash Fiction Workshop--We worked together to reinterpret a classic myth as a brand new flash fiction story in an hour. Sponsored by the Indianapolis Public Library.Free and open the public.

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